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Monday, September 5, 2011

Reminder - Gippsland Cataloguing Network meeting

Just a reminder for the next meeting of the Gippsland Cataloguing Network. It is being hosted by the Trafalgar Historical Society on Saturday 17 September, 9.30am for a 10am start.

Venue is the Trafalgar Community Centre, on the southern side of the highway, at the cenotaph (soldier on a plinth). It is also directly opposite the railway station. It is a very short walk to the shops next door to purchase lunch if you wish. There is good parking at the rear.

We are delighted to announce that we will have Barbara Kowalski from Maxus with us for the day.

The day is broken into three components, which probably seem in the wrong order, but it is the way things pan out. People are welcome to attend for the whole day, or the parts they feel will be of most interest, or what they can fit around other commitments.

10am Welcome from Traf, explanation of their collection, and what stage they are up to. Rounds of the room as to who is there, and where they are at with cataloguing.

10.30am Business discussion.
1. sharing information and databases - are we interested in going forward. What are the ways we can do it. Do we need to form a working group?
2. Statement to take back (where to?) about the importance of formalising position of archivist/cataloguer/registrar/collection manager.
3. Do we want to have a way to talk to each other? MC2?
4. Where do we meet next?
5. Any other business?

11.15am Morning Tea

11.30am Barbara Kowaklski on Runtime, the read-only database for sharing databases around. Plus Barbara is open to questions on any aspects both in this session and throughout the day,

12.30pm Lunch (BYO or a short walk to purchase)

1.15pm Workshop for the afternoon on very basic cataloguing, from paper forms, through photographing, numbering, to computer entry.

We have been requested to please do a flat iron (ie an object), a photograph and give some guidance for books and documents etc. If you would like to bring an interesting small object to catalogue, or a photograph, book etc, feel free.

3.15pm Wind-up session

3.30pm Finish. Although many of us are happy to keep talking.

Please rsvp to me at kapana[at] so as to help Trafalgar make sure there are enough chairs and coffee cups out.


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