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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gippsland Cataloguing Network

Excellent meeting today at Trafalgar of the Gippsland Cataloguing Network - about twenty people from all over the place, more to talk about than we had time for, and the pleasure of having Barbara from Maxus with us for the day.

News - we decided to form our own mc2 group for discussion - maybe we will be happier talking when we know everyone on there, find friends close to us to pop in to look at things we are trying to work out, and to discuss grant applications, training etc. You can find the new group HERE. It is really important to know your neighbours, and you learn so much from looking at how others manage their collections.

We hope the next meeting will be in South Gippsland, in March 2012 - stay tuned for details. In the meantime, the Latrobe Geeks (people who like talking about computers), hope to have a pleasant Saturday afternoon on 12 November at Morwell, following up on things from the PROV workshop, and whatever else appeals. Trove, Flickr, Facebook and blogs have already had a mention. Stay tuned - all welcome, even if you are not from Latrobe.

Thanks so much to the Traf people (who must have the smallest historical society premises in Gippsland), for being wonderful hosts (they did spill out into adjoining rooms!)


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