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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scanning Photos at Celebrations II

Well, we had a wonderful day at Boisdale on Saturday - and hear they had a most excellent concert that night. They were due to kick along on Sunday as well.

The hall was packed, and lots of friends were found in the crowd. We sold heaps of books for Maffra Historical Society (so many that it is back to the binder again).

But we did not get a lot of photographs to scan. Which could have been for several reasons -

We were not in the main hall, and everyone was so excited to see each other, that not a lot ventured out to our back room.

Although the registration process included wall notices about us, and the friendly staff telling people we were there, we reckon it went straight out of people's minds, as they caught up with people.

This event was organised in one month flat - when it needed a leadup of three months or more. It needed to have a notice included in the pre-event publicity that "If you have photos we can add to our collection, please bring them on the day, we will scan them and hand them back to you".

We did copy some, and made a number of very useful contacts, and agreed that we had a good day out.

We also now have our forms worked out for anything similar if it comes along.

And we are so inspired that we think we will set ourselves up at the Museum and try to have a special day where we encourage people to bring in local photographs.

So, all-in-all, a good first step on the road to Digital Photo Harvesting.


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