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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

InMagic Users on Puffing Billy

Today the InMagic Museum Users Group met on Puffing Billy. It was wonderful to welcome Joan Hunt from Ballarat back after her sojourn overseas. 

It would be easy to get used to meetings like the InMagic Museum users Group, held today. A number of friends who get to regularly meet at these gatherings twice a year boarded the lunch time train at Puffing Billy. We were treated to a commentary especially for our carriage, based on the history of Puffing Billy, and got to see their archives from a distance (but great to have Geoff and his team with us for extended discussion during the day).

We held a short meeting during the turnaround at Emerald Lake, where main discussion focussed on concerns about Victorian Collections, and the general direction of cataloguing in Victoria, and future avenues for communication now mc2 will close on 30 June. Pam Millist, replacement at Maxus for Barbara Kowalski, was introduced. We are relieved to know Barbara will continue to attend meetings, as she is an InMagic user in her new life.

Then the sandwiches of the outward-bound journey were replaced with scones (and jam, and cream), so large most of us only ate one of the two supplied. Have I focussed more on the food and hospitality than the business? Possibly. But much networking happened behind the scenes, which is why these meetings are so good - we don't get a lot of opportunity to get together with those doing the same work as us.

Thanks much to Puffing Billy - if you get a chance to try the Steam Cuisine Luncheon Train. I'm definitely off back there for the full experience.


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