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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cyril Kett Optometry Museum

One of the best things about conferences is the unexpected people you meet. In this post, you will see Pamela Sutton chatting away with two Orbostinians, another from Birchip, and a National Trust CEO. I was fascinated to find Pamela is from the Cyril Kett Optometry Museum and Archive. Apart from squirreling it away in the back of my mind as yet another interesting specialist collection (in this case in Carlton), I discovered that Pamela is prepared to help solve one of my perennial questions - what to do with the excess number of old reading glasses in various collections.

You know the sort - the ones the Lions bring in because they are too old to send off overseas in their charity collections. The ones with the names of early optometrists stamped on the boxes, which are from way outside your area.

The ones that you cannot bear to throw out - surely they mean something to someone?

Yes, Pamela would be very glad to have them, to help build up the collection. I have some that will be heading her way next week.

Fascinating who you meet at a conference. That is part of what is making this one so good.


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