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Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Software is in Use?

I was recently asked to provide a case study to show what software was in use for cataloguing in Gippsland. I thought the results interesting enough to post here.


Major Institutions
Centre for Gippsland Studies (Monash University)
Gippsland Regional Art Gallery, Sale
Latrobe Regional Gallery, Morwell
Gippsland Maritime Museum, Port Albert
Old Gippstown, Moe
Coal Creek Historical Village, Korumburra

Historical Societies and similar collections
 21 have InMagic (several are not currently using it), and 1 has access via a neighbour.

Mosaic - 1 Historical Society

Access - 1 Museum

Victorian Collections (20 or more items) - 2 Historical Societies, 1 Museum, 1 Historical Group

Victorian Collections (less than 20 items) - 3 Historical Societies, 2 Museums, 5 RSLs. Although three of this group also have InMagic.


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