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Friday, July 13, 2012

Cataloguing Manuals

 Inside the storeroom at Stratford Historical Museum (yes, we know the boxes are not acid-free, but you should have seen how things were before them!)

It is all too much for me. I feel a compelling need to document how the collection is managed at Stratford and Maffra. Firstly, it needs to be done in case I am run over by a steamroller, because someone has to take them over.

And because there are others in those collections who are actually interested in the theory behind what we do.

And thirdly, so anyone else out there who wants it can have a copy. 

The current (4th Edition) Victorian Cataloguing Manual is totally silent on manuscripts, documents, files and maps, not much help at all on reference libraries, semi-helpful only on photographs, and seems to think that all historical societies have are objects (including books) and photos.

Stand by - modules will be announced as I document what we do.


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