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Monday, December 10, 2012

Trove Tuesday - Looking for Orange Blossom

When the Cahill Collection of about 170 photographs and two autograph albums came into the Stratford Historical Society in the 1990s, with it was a small box with an orange blossom bridal head-dress that had seen better days. Accompanied by a note that it had been worn by 17 Dargo brides.

Recently we have been looking at the Cahill Collection again, and realised this 1920 photograph of Elsie Cahill shows her wearing it when photographed in Melbourne.

So, not knowing who any of the brides were, we decided to get creative, and see what we could find on Trove.

We think Margret McCarthy of Waterford in 1904 is close enough to Dargo to qualify as one, and Mary Nolan of Dargo who married at Cassilis in 1909 is probably another. Both are described as wearing a wreath of orange blossoms. So if there is anyone out there researching those famillies, who happens to have a photograph of the bride, it would be much appreciated if we could see a copy. Or photographs of any Dargo brides.

Other potential brides are Edith Cahill in 1902, and Maud Cahill in 1911, before Elsie in 1920, above.

There is just one other option, who is Edith Traill of Wurruk (but of the Waterford Traills), who married Norman King of Dargo in 1939. Could this have been in use for 40 years? 

If we include her, that is potentially six we can name - only eleven more to go. Amazing what you can find on Trove when you get creative. Can anyone think of any other ways to find them?



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