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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quick Photography Stand

I have been doing a bit of work with Heyfield and Districts Historical Society, who are restarting their catalogue. We needed a quick stand on which to photograph items - just point and shoot stuff that won't take too long to do, so we have enough to recognise items, and put a photo or two in the catalogue.

This just happened, and has been brilliant. Just the right piece of carpet, propped on two straight-backed chairs and held in place with two heavy books. We can drape appropriate fabrics in the right colour over it when necessary - especially for the smaller items.

But for the larger ones, the mottled grey in the background is quite good - check out this stove:

Not bad for just point and click, on automatic, with the flash - and no lights.

Feel free to use it - I am not claiming any rights!


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