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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trove Tuesday - Dimond bros

Having a wonderful Trove Tuesday, looking up Dimond Bros.


Because I think they were the makers for a lot of opaltype photographs I have been looking at. I knew that they sent out salemen, or "canvassers with bicycle" (1919), but I wasn't sure of the exact business relationship. 

Enter Trove. Quick search, and found an account from the Adelaide Advertiser, where one of their agents tried to diddle the firm in 1910. There is was, all laid out in detail as to the schedule of commissions, when it was paid, and other goodies. Bit more in an earlier account, when he was first committed for trial.

Seems to have happened to them a bit - it was the same at Richmond, in Melbourne, as early as 1890. That one was acquitted though.

Thanks Trove!

Has anyone else got any of their photographs on white glass, hand-touched? Or any old framing with a label on the back? Would love to see photos of them.



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